Clappity-clap your hands

This is my attempt to translate rhymes from Russian into English. In Russia something similar to nursery rhymes is called потешки (poteshki), which can loosely be translated as amusing rhymes. I don't remember using this word "poteshki" when I was little. It seems that the come back of this word can be associated with the trend of using archaic and folklore terminology to emphasize the Slavonic and Russian roots (as opposed to the Soviet background). Nevertheless, I remember the rhymes pretty well. We just recited them and didn't bother to categorize them.

One of the famous poteshki is the one called "Ладушки" (Ladushki). It is an action question-answer rhyme, and it teaches the baby simple movements. First line is accompanied by clapping, then arms move apart, then eating and drinking gestures (optional and usually omitted), then hands up to imitate the flying, then the hands touch the head as if we landed on the head, and then flying again.
Here is the Russian version, followed by my translation.

Ладушки, ладушки,
- Где были? - У бабушки!
- Что ели? - Кашку!
- Что пили? - Бражку!
Попили, поели,
Полетели, полетели, полетели!
На головку сели!
Сели, посидели,
И опять полетели!

Clappity, clap your hands,
Did we go to grandma Ann's?
Yes, we had cereal there,
Yes, we had milk there,
After we had our share
We flew about in the air!
Then we landed, stayed there,
And again flew about in the air!

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